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If you are looking to adopt a Rescue Vizsla, please adopt from a reputable organization.  For a list of Vizsla Club of America endorsed/recommended Rescue Groups, view:  VCA Rescue Contacts




* * * * NIKO, now RICCO WAS ADOPTED OCTOBER 20th * * * *



Niko – September 2014 – 7 1/2 year old male Vizsla. Originally from a breeder in Mexico, at 6 months old he was given to a nice couple from Chula Vista by a relative. Two years ago, the couple had a child and Niko was relegated to the back yard and garage where he had a crate that had the door kept open so he could come and go as he pleased. Two months ago, the couple had another child and decided that they could no longer care for Niko.

Comments from his *temporary* foster home:

“Niko is a happy and friendly, non-destructive dog who has not been well socialized and has received minimal training. He can sit on command but can be very stubborn and will sometimes choose not to respond. He will not climb the stairs to the second floor but will jump onto the couch. He can nuisance bark around the house but a citronella collar seems to be working. He was also quite the jumper but is now mostly jumping up and not ON things. He is crate trained and sleeps in a crate at night.”

Like all dogs, but especially Vizslas — Niko needs training using positive methods to bring out the best in him. He is also slightly overweight and exercise is generally the root of rambunctiousness in all breeds so exercise is a must.

He will be neutered and up to date on his shots prior to adoption. If you are interested in Niko — FOSTER or ADOPTION, please download and return an application and/or email vizslarescuesocal@gmail.com.




Xela (Shey-la) – November 2013 – Xela is a 5 1/2 year old spayed Vizsla. She was adopted at 4 months old from a “breeder” in New Mexico who had an accidental breeding at her mother’s first heat (the owner has not been able to reach the breeder).

The family had a second child 3 months ago and sadly there is no time to provide Xela with the exercise and attention she needs (as you can see she is very active). She has been around children and we would consider a home on a case by case basis with children 5 and up (100% supervision of course). She has some OCD behaviors related to shadows because someone used a laser pointer with her (something we would *NEVER* encourage) but that can be mitigated by proper exercise.

She is going into foster care (Orange County, CA) the first week of December. If you are interested in Xela please go to our website and fill out an application, we cannot consider you for a home without this first step.

Questions may be directed to Karen or Ann at VizslaRescueSocal@gmail.com




A wonderful video of Cody Ray made by his foster mom . . .   

“Cody Ray” – July 2013 – Meet “Cody” who is a senior Vizsla, approximately 11 years old.  He was an owner turn-in and his history is a little spotty.  He is currently being seen by a vet for some untreated items (growth removal from his eye) and he is heartworm negative.  He is being fostered in San Diego and his foster mom says, “He is a little shy but is warming up fast, he is really sweet and well behaved”.  He gets along with other dogs (including his foster home’s adult male Vizsla).

If you can open your home to a sweet dog in need, please let us know.

* * * * MURPHY WAS ADOPTED MAY 1ST * * * *



“Murphy” – April 2013 – Meet “Murphy”! He is an approximately 6 year old male Vizsla pulled from a shelter in Riverside (he is currently in a foster home).  He is on antibiotics for a few cuts/scrapes from his time as a stray.  He is VERY SWEET and gentle boy.  He is eating well and has gained 5 lbs. so far.  He was neutered on 4/20/2013 (the reason for the “flower cone”).   Both his fecal and heart-worm tests came back negative.  He is ok around other dogs (made friends with a Pomeranian at the vet’s office) cats and kids unknown.

If you can open your home and arms to this sweet boy, please contact us.  You can also stay tuned for the latest updates on our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vizsla-Rescue-for-Southern-CA-SCVC/395939320470068

* * * * ROWDY WAS ADOPTED MARCH 31ST * * * *



“Rowdy” – March 2013 – He is an eight month old neutered male pup.  He is being turned in by his owner who is leaving the country.  Rowdy was adopted from a pet store in Riverside and comes from a high volume breeder in the midwest.  He is shy around strangers and could use an experienced owner to help increase his confidence and continue his basic training using positive methods.  He is currently being treated for a skin condition.  Rowdy is in a foster home near Anaheim.  If you can open you heart and home to this sweet boy we know he would be forever grateful.

* * * * BELLA WAS ADOPTED MARCH 10TH * * * *



“Bella” – February 2013 – She is a six month old female. She is high energy/high prey drive pup from field/hunt lines and needs to go to an active home with experienced dog owners and/or Vizsla owners.  She knows sit and (kind of) come, but like all young pups she needs consistent training.  Bella will be spayed prior to placement and is currently in a foster home.




“George” – December 2012 – Located in Southern CA – 3 year old neutered male and owner surrender from Las Vegas. The family was expecting their third child and did not have time for two dogs (they also had his litter brother, never a good idea). George is currently in a foster home in SoCal.  He is sweet but timid and takes time to warm up to new people (and new situations).  He would do best with patient owner(s) and experienced dog family that can work him through his fears and bring out the best in him.  He plays well with other dogs (we are not sure about cats).

If you are interested in “George” send an us an email with details about your lifestyle and daily routine and/or you can read about our Rescue Process on the above link (and find a downloadable Adoption Application).



“Palinka” – November 2012 – Located in Southern CA – 15 month old neutered male and owner surrender.  Palinka is looking for a new home after his owners had a new baby.  He is a Hungarian import with a natural tail.  Palinka needs basic obedience lessons and an owner that will provide him plenty of exercise. If you are interested in Palinka, please let us know.



“Ranger” – October 2012 – Located in Southern CA – 1 year old neutered male/owner surrender. His origins are not known as he was found as a stray (tail docked and dew claws off). Ranger is a sweet boy and wants to be with people, he can retrieve a ball but is gun shy. He has been crated, but needs training on jumping up and barking (most dogs do!). If you are interested in Ranger, please let us know.


The SCVC Vizsla Rescue for the Southern California Region is recognized by the Vizsla Club of America and receives funding support from individual donations, adoption fees, local fund-raising events and the VCA Welfare Foundation. The goal of breed rescue is to re-home Vizslas in need to loving families and provide rehabilitation and foster care for abandoned or abused Vizslas. We also provide breed education and encourage responsible dog ownership; promoting spay/neuter for all companion animals.

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