RIP “Corina”

July 20, 2013 by vizslarescuesocal

It is with much sadness to share that “Corina” passed over the bridge last night.

“Corina” (10 yrs. old) came to us from the Riverside shelter when her owner refused to pay the $119.00 impound fee to have her released, telling the shelter to “put her to sleep”. With the cooperation with the shelter manager (who deemed her “very sweet”) we patiently waited the mandatory 10 day “owner hold” and she was promptly adopted out to Rescue. 

At her first vet visit we discovered her ears were painfully imbedded with foxtails, and she had several tumors; thigh and suspected ovarian cancer (she had to wear panties for some non-heat bleeding). She also had surgery scars and appeared to have whelped several litters. Despite her discomfort she was a true sweetheart and enjoyed her much needed bath and nail trim at the groomer. For four days she was spoiled with soft beds, fresh food and water, Frosty Paws frozen treats and more by Rescue Coordinator and foster mom, Ann Prevost. 

When she took a turn for the worse last night we made the painful decision to let her go. She lay on thick soft blankets surrounded by the caring staff at the vet’s office with her foster mom at her final farewell.  May we all be treated with such compassion, care and love when it’s “our time”.  



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